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Winter Friends Sale
Sponsored - Up to 60% Off
Spirit Legends: Finding Balance Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - For thousands of years, humans and spirits have lived in peace. But someday, a child will be born with incredible power, capable of subjugating both spirits and the living.
Adventures of Megara: Antigone and the Living Toys Collector's Edition
Strategy Game - Tis sunny and a day of peace in Hellas calm. In garden cool do sit: the one to doze, the other plays.
Art Mahjong Egypt: New Worlds
Puzzle Game - Art Mahjong Egypt new Worlds is a comprehensive collection of Mahjong games with two very diverse variants of the game: classic Mahjong and Cobra Mahjong.
Ember Knight Solitaire
Card Game - There are tales from centuries past of an evil that attempted to conquer the world.
Golden Rails 2 Small Town Story Collector's Edition
Strategy Game - One autumn, Jack and I decided to take a trip. We had completed all of our projects and wanted to relax and enjoy the last few warm days of autumn before winter set in.
Detectives United: Phantoms of the Past Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Hello, agents. Two months ago. Agent Brown went to Restville alone on a top secret case.
Shopping Clutter 8: from Gloom to Bloom
Hidden Object Game - We Walkers like visiting different towns in the world, learning new info, buying souvenirs for friends and relatives, and sharing our impressions with them.
New Lands Collector's Edition
Strategy Game - John Brave sat in the royal office and counted coins. He'd just bought a mansion at a very good price.
Secret City: Mysterious Collection Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Detective, I'm Henry Harris, the manager of the Secret City's Museum of Artifacts.
Bridge to Another World: Secrets of the Nutcracker Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Every Christmas, when I was a child, I visited my godfather, Drosselmeyer, during those visits, I became good friends with his apprentice, Fritz.
The Chronicles of Hercules: The 12 Labours
Match 3 Game - For years, Amphitryon and Alcmene have been hoping for a son. They pray to the god Zeus every day asking for a child.
Fables Mosaic: Cinderella
Puzzle Game - Once upon a time there a young girl who was mistreated by her stepmother and her daughters after his father passed away.
Farm Frenzy Refreshed Collector's Edition
Strategy Game - You're doing a great job. Let's complete two more days and then visit your farm.
Rescue Team: Planet Savers Collector's Edition
Strategy Game - Geological Center, how may I help you. I'm on the coast in California, and it looks like the Pheidian Glacier is melting.
Mystery Case Files: Crossfade Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Time itself is breaking. The past is shattered, and the future is doomed. Only one can restore the timeline.
The Christmas Spirit: Journey Before Christmas Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Santa, I really like this doll. Her pretty dress reminds me of a bellflower. Ah, what a mess.
Christmas Wonderland 11 Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Yeah, that's right, Peter, in fact why don't you go over and see how the Construction is coming along while I put together my Top Secret list of presents we will need.
Christmas Stories: The Christmas Tree Forest Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - A year ago, Mom left to get presents and went missing. Dad was overcome with sadness and started working twice as much.
Fantasy Mosaics 44: Winter Holiday
Puzzle Game - We're expecting Mrs Penrose to stay at our winter cottage for Christmas. Let's help the Penguins make over the winter cottage for Mrs Penrose.

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