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65% Off Retail on All Games
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Mystery Trackers: The Secret of Watch Hill Beta Edition
Hidden Object Game - Have you seen the news, Detective. Watch Hill. My hometown.
Moonsouls: The Lost Sanctum Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - The gate's open. Let's go. The danger in Sanctum continues to grow.
1001 Jigsaw: Legends Of Mystery
Puzzle Game - In the left upper corner there is a pocket where you can store puzzle pieces to create some space in your puzzle area.
Tales of Rome: Solitaire
Card Game - Mars, the ruthless god of war, once promised peace to the Roman people, but he could no longer resist his innermost urge.
Myths of the World: Under the Surface Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - I have something much more adventurous in mind. Let's go for a boat ride. I have a reason to believe that these waters hide the secret of a long-forgotten inhabitant.
Fairy Godmother Stories: Cinderella Beta Edition
Hidden Object Game - And they lived happily ever after. Of course, fairytales don't always line up with reality.
Cooking Trip: Back on the Road Collector's Edition
Time Management Game - The time has finally come to announce the winner of our Best New Chef in Europe award.
Vermillion Watch: Parisian Pursuit Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Young Hawks, our expertise is needed once more. This letter from my friend Eleonore explains everything.
SpelunKing: The Mine Match
Match 3 Game - Hi, BDSG. It's your grandfather, Phinneas. Though I suppose you knew that already if you read the return address.
The Unseen Fears: Stories Untold Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Ah, Prague. What a lovely place to spend a weekend. That last case was exhausting.
Dark Romance: The Ethereal Gardens Beta Edition
Hidden Object Game - Your Father's death is a grievous loss, my son. Not just for you, but for the entire Levrosse Kingdom.
Hotel Ever After: Ella's Wish Collector's Edition
Time Management Game - Daddy, tell me about this picture again. I'm in here, right. Haha, yes, you are.
Uncharted Tides: Port Royal Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - I can't believe you're alive. Nether can I, my friend. I've missed you, but I can't stay for long.
Shadowplay: Harrowstead Mystery Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Thea, Josh. I'm here at Harrowstead. I think I solved the mystery.
Mosaic: Game of Gods III
Puzzle Game - There is a picture broken up into fragments. Your goal is to restore the image.
Paranormal Files: Hook Man's Legend Beta Edition
Hidden Object Game - Hello, Mr. Rogers. We need your help.
Travel to France
Hidden Object Game - Honey, our trip to Italy was so great, I don't want it to end. What do you think about extending our holiday - into France.
Fairytale Solitaire: Red Riding Hood
Card Game - You can remove higher or lower ranked cards and make a chain of cards out of them independent of their worth.
Royal Roads Collector's Edition
Strategy Game - In one magical kingdom inhabited by different races and peoples living in peace.

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