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The Christmas Spirit: Golden Ticket Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Dear Santa, I've heard many stories about where you live. They say everyone there is used to Christmas miracles.
Christmas Wonderland 12 Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - The season just isn't the same without Christmas Wonderland and this year's adventure promises to be the best yet.
Mystery Case Files: Incident at Pendle Tower Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Attention, Master Detective. Just when you thought it was safe to take some time off, a mysterious new challenge has arisen, and you're the only one with the skills and background to face it.
Alice's Wonderland 5: A Ray of Hope Collector's Edition
Strategy Game - Some villains are just more patient than others. That, or they are just more cowardly and will avoid attacking until their victory is assured.
Looking for Aliens Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Extraterrestrials have arrived on Earth and are doing their best to stay hidden from the prying eyes of suspicious and clever humans like you.
Faircroft's Antiques: The Forbidden Crypt Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Here we are, sunny, quaint Porto Nacosti. And not a moment too soon. I thought we were going to be in that cab forever.
Criminal Archives: City on Fire Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - When a string of mysterious murders leaves police in San Francisco stumped, only a crime reporter of your caliber can shed light on the case.
Christmas Stories: Yulemen Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - When the holiday season rolls around each year, the Yulemen bring their unique brand of Christmas cheer to Iceland.
Mystical Riddles: Snowy Peak Hotel Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Do you believe in the Spirit World. If you do, get ready for an exciting journey of supernatural investigation.
Robin Hood: Spring of Life Collector's Edition
Strategy Game - Take Robin Hood and his band of merry outlaws to new heights of infamy by robbing from rich, giving to the poor, and making the Sheriff of Nottingham sorry he ever took the job.
Patchwork: Explore the World Collector's Edition
Puzzle Game - Our world is a marvelous place full of beauty and wonder that deserves to be explored and experienced.
Dig The Ground 6
Match 3 Game - Your favorite ground-digging puzzler is back with a challenging new set of brain-teasing levels.
Mahjong Riddles Egypt
Puzzle Game - Welcome to the mysterious world of Ancient Egypt. Solve mahjong levels and collect artifacts to uncover secrets of Giza valley and the Nile.
Mermaid Adventure: The Frozen Time
Match 3 Game - Once again, the underwater kingdom is in turmoil, thanks to the mischievous machinations of the evil octopus.
ReDrawn: The Painted Tower Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - In a world shrouded in darkness, in a town bleak and downtrodden, a small girl stands atop a tall tower.
Myth or Reality: Fairy Lands Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - This is your chance to take on the role of a famous researcher with a knack for uncovering the truth behind myths and legends.
Halloween Stories: The Neglected Dead Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Greetings, Catherine and George, and welcome to our annual myths and legends debunking conference.
European Quest
Hidden Object Game - It's time to explore Europe. Visit incredible locations across this amazing continent while experiencing its unique spirit and culture.
The New Chronicles of Noah's Ark
Match 3 Game - Join Noah and his family on an epic match-3 adventure and experience the ark story in a new way.
Artists of Fortune: Spooky Rush
Puzzle Game - That next Artist of Fortune adventure is here and it's a spooky one. Challenge yourself to these new pixel art puzzles, choose from a variety of mythical characters, and bring them to life through color.

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