Fable of Dwarfs

Fable of Dwarfs for windows

    Fable of Dwarfs
    System requirements:
  • * OS: Windows 7 / Vista / XP
  • * CPU: Pentium 3 1.0 GHz or Higher
  • * Memory: 256 MB

Fable of Dwarfs: The good-hearted King of the Dwarves is relying on you to lead a building expedition! You'll need all of your wit and imagination to successfully oppose the merciless northern winds, save the homes of a desert's inhabitants from plagues of locusts, and battle a thick fog that threatens a priests' temple. Learn about ancient Dwarven talismans, save Yellowforest from wildfire, and help those who need it most in Fable of Dwarfs! Fable of Dwarfs Walkthrough.

Fable of Dwarfs Features:
  • Gorgeous Graphics
  • Switch Window/FullScreen Mode
  • For Any Aged Player

Fable of Dwarfs

fable of dwarfs fable of dwarfs fable of dwarfs

Fable of Dwarfs

Statement: Fable of Dwarfs is distributed as a trial version. Fable of Dwarfs may be downloaded free of charge, however, games may not be Resold.


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