The Secret Order: Return to the Buried Walkthrough
Release Date: 2018-12-16
Click Here. (Z)Examine here. (A)Take it. (B)Examine here. (C) Use object on here. (D)Take it. (E)Examine here. (F)Examine here. (G) Solve the puzzle. (H)Click Here. (I)Take it. (

Shopping Clutter 2: Christmas Square
Release Date: 2018-12-15
The Walkers, the family of travelers from the well-known "Travel Mosaic" series, are getting Animalville ready for Christmas! The whole family has decided to create a festive Christmas square where children and adults can come and have fun. A place where they can feel the spirit of Christmas and maybe even believe in miracles again. This turned out to be not as easy as the Walkers thought! They ha
Mystery of the Ancients: No Escape Walkthrough
Release Date: 2018-12-15
Examine here. (C)Take it. (D)Examine here. (E)Click Here. (F) Click Here. (G)Take it. (H)Examine here. (I)Click Here. (J) Use object on here. (K)Examine here. (L)Take it. (M)Use

The Christmas Spirit: Mother Gooses Untold Tales Collector's Edition Free Download
Release Date: 2018-12-13
Mother Goose's reign is over, now I am the ruler of Fairytale Kingdom - along with all its riches! Festive greetings, King Cole, tomorrow is Christmas, but your subjects don't have money to buy presents for their friends and families. Please, your Majesty, could you reduce the taxes? Reduce the taxes? Ha, I'd rather cancel Christmas, in fact, consider it canceled! Guards, Take him away.
Mystery Tales: Dealer's Choices Walkthrough
Release Date: 2018-12-13
Click Here. (G)Click Here. (H)Examine here. (I)Take it. (J) Click Here. (K)Click Here. (L)Take it. (M)Click Here. (N) Click Here. (O)Take it. (P)Take it. (Q)Examine here. (R)

True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 2 Walkthrough
Release Date: 2018-12-13
Click Here. (V)Examine here. (W)Click Here. (X)Click Here. (Y) Go Here. (Z)Go Here. (A)Click Here. (B)Click Here. (C) Click Here. (D)Click Here. (E)Take it. (F)Examine here. (G)

Demon Hunter V: Ascendance
Release Date: 2018-12-12
Demon Hunter V: Ascendance contains explicit content and is intended for mature audiences. When Hector, Demon Hunter for hire, agreed to save a lost tourist from the haunted Museum of Mysticism and Monstrosity, he never imagined that it could all be a clever hoax staged just for him. Hector will need all his cleverness and intuition to find the truth in this double mystery. Are demons real or
Spirits of Mystery: Whisper of the Past Collector's Edition
Release Date: 2018-12-12
AMAX Interactive presents another enchanting fantasy adventure in their classic Spirits of Mystery series! Your peaceful summer retreat is interrupted by Dark Reapers kidnapping your mother and chasing your Aunt. What do these dark spirits want? Are you going to be next? On your journey to save your family you will uncover a dark secret that your family has covered up for many years. Can you re
Christmas Wonderland 9
Release Date: 2018-12-12
Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Christmas Wonderland! This year's magical hidden object game is crammed full of fabulous presents and hidden surprises with stunning holiday graphics and puzzles for the whole Family to enjoy. Suddenly it's Christmas Eve and Santa's on his way flying through outer space then down to Earth. The Kids are fast asleep, or are they? Soon it will be another joy-fi
Whispered Secrets: Cursed Wealth Walkthrough
Release Date: 2018-12-12
Click Here. (Q)Click Here. (R)Click Here. (S)Click Here. (T)Click Here. (U)Click Here. (V)Click Here. (W)Click Here. (X) Click Here. (Y)Click Here. (Z)Click Here. (A)Click Here. (B)Click