Royal Envoy: Campaign for the Crown Walkthrough

    Royal Envoy: Campaign for the Crown Walkthrough
  • * OS: Windows 7 / Vista / XP
  • * CPU: Pentium 3 1.0 GHz or Higher


Follow our crystal clear walkthrough and helpful tricks to get you through the rough spots! Click the button to download full walkthrough.

Level 1.

Goals: 5 Cabins (4 more needed), 1000 Gold.

Resources: 1000 Wood, 1000 Food, 2 Workers.

New Features: Build Cabins, Collect Rent, Assign Workers.

Tips: Building a Cabin requires 25 Food, 25 Wood and 1 Worker. Cabins produce 100 Gold as Basic Rent. Rent appears as Gold Coins. If you do not collect the Rent, the Coins will start flashing and eventually disappear.

Tricks: If you really want to complete this level faster, you can hire extra Workers and upgrade the Cabins, but that is not necessary. And you do not even KNOW about that (yet).

Notes: In this version of the game, you do not need to click on resources to collect them. Just ‘mouse-over’ and they will be collected automatically. Do not wait to complete each numbered Step before starting the following Steps.

Strategy: (1) Build 4 Cabins (giving you 5 Cabins total). (2) Collect Rent until you have 1000 Gold.

Level 2.

Goals: 5 Workers (4 more needed), 1500 Gold.

Resources: 1000 Food, 1 Worker.

New Features: Hiring Workers, Chopping Trees, Repairing Bridges.

Obstacles: 3 Damaged Bridge require Wood to repair.

Tips: Click on the Castle to hire a new Worker. Workers cost 50 Food now, but in later Regions the Food Cost increases.

Tricks: Workers can chop each group of Trees until they are exhausted (the Trees, not the Workers). To keep a Worker chopping continuously, click on the Trees again immediately after collecting the Wood. Each Tree = 25 Wood, enough to Build or Upgrade a Cabin. Do not wait to complete each numbered Step before starting the following Steps.

Strategy: (1) Start Chopping available Trees to gather Wood for repairing Bridges. (2) Hire 4 more Workers (now you have 5 Workers). (3) Chop all available Trees and continue throughout level. (4) Build Cabins on empty lots as they become available. (5) Focus on Building Cabins first (to get Rent started) and Upgrade them when you have a free Worker and enough Wood to Upgrade (25 Wood each). (6) Repair bridges in this order (1) center, (2) lower left, (3) lower right. These bridges require 200 Wood each. (7) Collect Rent until you have 1500 Gold.

Level 3. Goals: 1 Sawmill, 5 Upgraded Cabins, Gather all food from the bushes. Resources: 2500 Gold, 3 Workers.

New Features: Sawmill (Building). Constructing a Sawmill costs 1000 Gold and requires 2 Workers. You need an available Worker to run the Sawmill. Obstacles: 3 Broken Bridges.

Tips: Upgrade Cabins as soon as you can afford it (if you have the Wood and Food and available Workers) to start collecting the increased Rent. More Rent means more Gold to produce Wood at the Sawmill. Gather Food the same way you Chop Trees: keep Workers continually gathering Food by clicking on the Bushes after you collect Food. Do not let Workers remain idle.

Tricks: Sawmill ‘production runs’ always take the same amount of time, so it’s often better to wait to collect Rent in order to have more Gold to produce more Wood faster. Build Sawmill as close to Castle as possible, providing quicker trips for a Worker.

Notes: Cabin Upgrades provide higher Rent (50% bonus, or 150 Gold total Rent per Cabin per cycle). The size of Sawmill production runs and prices HAVE CHANGED from RE2. You can choose 50 Wood for 400 Gold, 100 Wood for 800 Gold, or 250 Wood for 2000 Gold. Essentially Wood costs 8 Gold per unit.

Strategy: (1) Build Sawmill (1000 Gold and 2 Workers) and produce 100 Wood (800 Gold), then 50 Wood (400 Gold). (2) Start gathering Food with 3rd Worker. Continue to gather Food from all bushes throughout level using any idle Workers. (3) Build a Cabin (25 Wood, 25 Food, 1 Worker) to get Rent started. Continually collect Rent as it is generated. (4) As soon as you have 100 Wood, repair Bridge to lower right (2 empty lots and 2 Palm Trees for free Wood) while you build a 2nd Cabin near Castle. (5) Hire a 2 more Worker (50 Food each, now you have 5 Workers). (6) Chop the Trees on lower right for more Wood and Build and Upgrade 2 Cabins there. (7) As soon as you have 100 Wood, repair Bridge to lower left (1 empty lot and 3 Food bushes). Build and Upgrade 1 Cabin there. Gather all Food. (8) Produce 100 Wood (800 Gold) at Sawmill (you can’t Chop enough free Wood), repair Bridge (200 Wood) to upper right (5 Food bushes). Gather Food from remaining bushes with all 5 Workers.


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