Lost Lands: Ice Spell Collector's Edition Review

lost lands: ice spell collector's edition review
Lost Lands: Ice Spell Collector's Edition Review
* OS: Windows 7 / Vista / XP
* CPU: Pentium 3 1.0 GHz or Higher

Lost Lands: Ice Spell Collector's Edition Review Screenshots, Videos:

lost lands: ice spell collector's edition review

lost lands: ice spell collector's edition review

lost lands: ice spell collector's edition review

I found this game surprisingly fun and interesting.

The HOPS are absolutely a delight with items that are well depicted.

The HOPS are a lot of fun and there is the usual variety but I still prefer the list type.

This game seemed more geared towards the beginner player, as it was on the easy side.

The story doesn't get a lot better as you play, you have cliche over cliche with a few minor exceptions which I won't reveal in order not to spoil your experience, the story of the game seems uninspired and It really can't draw you in.

I don't like to give too much detail about the specific HOPS or puzzles because it is far more fun to discover for yourself what a game holds in store for you.

I think the game is fantastic.

I'm having a lot of fun with it.

The Hidden Object Scenes are varied, with finding Keywords in a Sentence etc.

Each game in this series has a little different story line and they have all been interesting.

There is usually a puzzle, sometimes two, to solve.

The Mini Games are in abundance.

There are some different gameplay features with many puzzles that I find enjoyable to solve.

Lost Lands: Ice Spell does not disappoint when it comes to length either.

Playing on the easiest mode, we spent over six hours on the main game.

Graphics: They are absolutely gorgeous.

The animals are totally adorable.

And I just like looking at the scenery.

In terms of entertainment and relaxation, this game delivers just what you need!

In my opinion, seek and enjoy!

Music: Fits the game just right.

This time it doesn't get outright booming.

For the experienced player, this game doesn't hold much of a challenge.

It is certainly on my buy list.

First of all, the landscapes and sceneries in this installment is mesmerizing; filled with exotic locations and interestingly-designed themes.

The CE version of the game is rather light on extra content although there are morphing objects and some fairly "in your face" collectibles to find.

Lost Lands: Ice Spell has a terrific gameplay and an excellent storyline.

This is the newest game in the Lost Lands series.

This Collector's Edition has 10 Wallpapers, 10 Concept Art pictures, 9 Avatars, 6 Screensavers, 16 replayable Mini Games, 4 Music Soundtracks, 22 replayable Hidden Object Scenes, a built in Strategy Guide, a Bonus Chapter.

As always, try the demo first.

Colors are quite nice and bright, very true.

One of the reason's I liked this game better than the last, is that there are a ton of Mini Games, most of which are super easy.

This game has it all from crisp jewel-toned graphics that are absolutely gorgeous, to interesting interactive HOPS and lots of excellent puzzles.

The graphics weren't all that bad.

It is a perfect game for a lazy day.

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