VR Game Seeking Dawn Player Review

vr game seeking dawn player review
VR Game Seeking Dawn Player Review
vr game seeking dawn player review
VR Game Seeking Dawn Player Review

Welcome to Seeking Dawn, a science fiction VR survival adventure that takes you far beyond the solar system. Step into the shoes of a soldier discovering a hostile planet, where predators roam freely and enemies are trigger-happy. As you follow the trail of an allied recon squad, your task is to find out what happened to them and what they came here for.

Seeking Dawn Cover

Seeking Dawn Player Review

I like it so far. The combat could be better but the "gun" is satisfying to shoot. It's hard to review this early. I'm 2 hours in a only have one weapon and just built a crafting station. I will update as I get further.

Pros: weapons are satisfying, mining is satifying, hud and menus are polished, graphics are amazing.

Cons: no quick dodge makes combat feel stale, but running with your hands is pretty fun.
Often getting stuck on the terrain and can't move.

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Seeking Dawn Review: Tedious Design Overshadows Gorgeous Setting


  • Stunning environment and creature designs
  • Breathtaking sense of scale
  • Competent gunplay
  • Lots of content to get through


  • Monotonous tasks sprinkled throughout to pad length
  • Tedious crafting and resource gathering
  • Poor balancing
  • Inexplicable difficulty spikes

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Review: Seeking Dawn

Ahead of launch some videogames just have that instant attraction, they look stunning, seem to offer tons of gameplay and tick every box for an awesome experience. Then you get your hands on it and that golden glow starts to fade as expectations aren't quite met. This is very much the case for Multiverse Entertainment's Seeking Dawn.

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Review: 'Seeking Dawn' Is a Beautiful Sci-Fi Shooter Marred by Too Many Dull Chores

'Seeking Dawn' is a VR sci-fi shooter with an ambitious list of features on top of its single or multiplayer campaign mission: weapon crafting, base defense, resource management, and survival elements. While all of these are certainly present, some feel shoehorned in for the sake of making a 'full length' game. At its core though, it's a standard sci-fi shooter brought to life in VR, and done so with enough care and attention that would make it a really fun experience if it weren't for the crafting drudgery.

Gameplay: 6 | Immersion: 6.5 | Comfort: 8.5

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