Rose Riddle 2: Werewolf Shadow Walkthrough

rose riddle 2: werewolf shadow walkthrough
Rose Riddle 2: Werewolf Shadow Walkthrough

General Tips:

  • This game has three difficulty modes: casual, normal and expert. Normal mode has reasonable time limits, expert mode gives you only a brief amount of time to complete each level. You can change the difficulty mode in the main menu.
  • Magic tables can product resources every few seconds.
  • You have to clean the trash up on the street so you can proceed.
  • You can also acquire resources from some machines, every machine provide different resources.
  • Remove pubble need your 50 materials.
  • The green machine can produce money, number on top of it indicates the number of times you can send a worker to this machine.
  • The red machine can produce materials.
  • You can easily move the car to a better spot, this will clear the road for you.
  • Cafe can produce 40 foods every few seconds.

Detailed Levels:

Level 1: This is the first level, very simple, just follow the tutorial the complete it.

Level 2: Repair the cafe and collect foods, clean the trash and get materials from the machine, then clear the puddle and trash, move the car in the street and collect magic beans, clear the road and get rid of the bulldog, then plant the beans and save the doc.

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