New Yankee In King Arthur's Court 5 Walkthrough

new yankee in king arthur's court 5 walkthrough
New Yankee In King Arthur's Court 5 Walkthrough

General Tips and Tricks:

  • This game has 3 game modes: expert, normal and relaxed. Expert mode is for experts only, you'll have less time to complete each level, normal mode is for experienced players who have played similar games, the relaxed mode is an easy mode with no time limits.
  • You can change the game mode at any time, you progress in each mode will be saved separately.
  • Skeletons scare workers, click on the skeletons and Sir John will get rid of them.
  • Workers need food, you can collect the food by harvest those tomatoes, new crops will grow in their place.
  • Chop down the tree to acquire woods.
  • The level's task list is located in the top right corner.
  • Complete the level before the green bar reches the top to ear a gold medal.
  • Tomato tree can give you 20 foods every turn.
  • To hire more workers, you need to build houses.
  • Chop down the trees, they will give you 20 woods.
  • You can collect golds from the golden mine, 20 golds every turn.
  • You can collect manas from the well, you need mana to cast a spell at the altar, 20 manas every turn.
  • You can build a mill to collect foods, but you first need to send a worker to it.
  • You can build a sawmill to collect woods, send a worker to it firstly.
  • To cancel your instructions, just right click a object.
  • Build a dog house and send a dog to protect your items.

  • Fast crops spell can make the crops grow up faster.
  • Meteorite people spell can speed up the workers.
  • Regrow spell can regrow the trees you chopped down.

Detailed Levels:

Level 1: Your task is build 2 houses and acquire 4 workers, this is the first level, just follow the tutorials to complete it.

Level 2: Your task is accumulate 250 foods, accumulate 150 manas and build 2 houses, this level is very easy, follow the tutorial to collect foods from the crops and build the mill, send a worker to mill, then chop the trees and get the golds from the mine, build 2 houses, accumulate all needed resources. See Below screenshots:

New Yankee In King Arthur's Court 5 Walkthrough Screenshots 1

Level 3: Your task is accumulate 200 woods, collect foods from the crops and build a sawmill, then build house and dog house, chop down the trees to collect woods, break up the rock to release your workers.

Level 4: Your task is accumulate 250 manas, build the druid temple and repair every 2 bridges. collect manas and build the druid temple to produce more manas, then chop the trees and build the dog house, your dog can get rid of the wild pigs. Collect manas to get through this level.

Level 5: Your task is build the gold foundry, accumulate 200 golds and acquire 5 workers. Collect resource and build the dog house, the dog can help you get rid of goblin, collect foods and clear the man-eating plant, chop down the trees and build the gold foundry. Chop trees and pick up the log piles, then build the house to hire more workers.

Level 6: Your task is build 3 houses, repair every 3 bridges and mine all of the 4 golds. collect foods and chop the trees, then repair the bridge and build the druid temple, regrow the trees and chop them to repair all of the bridges and mine the golds.

New Yankee In King Arthur's Court 5 Walkthrough Screenshots 2

Level 7: Your task is feed the unicorn, accumulate 250 golds and accumulate 250 woods. Build the sawmill and send a worker, build the druid temple, build houses and build mill, gold foundry. Collect golds to get through this level, to avoid the dark tower, use your spell.

Level 8: Your task is build 3 guard towers, accumulate 400 manas and defeat 30 skeletons. Collect foods and chop trees, then build the dog house and clear the road, chop tree and build houses and other buildings, then collect enough manas.

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