Tsioque Full Game Walkthrough

tsioque full game walkthrough
Tsioque Full Game Walkthrough
tsioque full game walkthrough
Tsioque Full Game Walkthrough

There are many screenshots in this walkthrough, you can choose to download the full walkthrough now.

Tsioque Full Game Walkthrough:

  • Click the window to see the outside (1).
  • Take the medal from the bag (2) (bottom right corner), and put it to the food position (3) four times.
  • Click the skeleton to climb up the jail (4).

Tsioque Walkthrough Screenshots 1

  • Fetch the bread from the position (1) to your bag.
  • Take the bread from the bag (2) and put it into the position (3).
  • Get the key from the monster's hand.
  • Take the key from the bag and use it in the door (4).
  • Go out.

Tsioque Walkthrough Screenshots 2

  • Click the black cat (1).
  • Go this way. (2)

Tsioque Walkthrough Screenshots 3

  • Click the stone coffin (1).

Tsioque Walkthrough Screenshots 4

  • Get the stone wheel from (1).
  • Take the stone wheel from the bag and use it in (2).

Tsioque Walkthrough Screenshots 5

  • Solve the puzzle, rotate all of the four stone wheels to match the coffin.
  • See below screenshot:

Tsioque Walkthrough Screenshots 6

  • Take the blanket of invisibility (1).
  • Go out. (2)

Tsioque Walkthrough Screenshots 7

  • Use the blanket of invisibility twice at position (2) and (3).
  • The guards will turn off the light.

Tsioque Walkthrough Screenshots 8

  • Click the upstair to go.
  • When the guards rush in, then click the switch (1) to turn off the light, all of the guards will fall down.

Tsioque Walkthrough Screenshots 9

  • Click the top or bottom of the princess, when the monster attack her.
  • You should jump or squat 3 times, and turn off the light (1) before the monster throw all of the monkeys.

Tsioque Walkthrough Screenshots 10

Tsioque Full Game Walkthrough: click to start Tsioque Full Game Walkthrough Download.

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