Echoes of Sorrow 2 Walkthrough

echoes of sorrow 2 walkthrough
Echoes of Sorrow 2 Walkthrough
* OS: Windows 7 / Vista / XP
* CPU: Pentium 3 1.0 GHz or Higher

Echoes of Sorrow 2 Walkthrough Introduction:

Echoes of Sorrow 2 is a great hidden object game published by Big Fish Games. This detailed walkthrough includes 40 screenshots and 160 steps, use this walkthrough as a guide when you play the game. Our editors take times to play the game, capture screenshots, mark the interactive area on the image, please share this walkthrough on your facebook or twitter pages and let more hidden object game fans know it.

Take it. (A)
Use item (A) on here. get key. (B)
Use key on the door. (C)Take the ball. (D)
Go left. (E)Click here. (F)Find all hidden objects.

Take the photo pieces. (G)
Take all five gears. (H)
Go down, then go left, put all gears to the clock.Go left.
Take it. (I)
Take it. (J)
Go out.Use your scissor on here. (K)
Open the box, get all items. (L)Go to Utility Room.
Use screw-driver on meter box.
Solve the puzzle.

Go kitchen.
Turn on the light. (M)
Take the photo pieces. (N)
Take the ball. (O)
Click here. (P)Find all hidden items and get the key.Go to the car.
Take items. (Q)
Take the phone. (R)
Take the phone pieces. (S)
Open here, take it. (T)
Take the phone pieces. (U)Go to the child room, look at the table.
put two pieces to here, play the mini game.

Take the phone charger.
Go kitchen.
Charge your phone on left.
Click the table to find all hidden items.
Get the handle.Go upstairs.
Put the handle on here, get the knife. (W)
Use your knife on here. (X)Take it. (Y)
Use the chisel and get a brick. (Z)
Use the brick on here. (A)Use your scissor on curtain, get a piece.
Use curtain piece on window, go into the room.
Take it. (B)
Take it. (C)
Take it. (D)
Put the ball on wall, play the mini game.(E)

How to play: Rotate the red, green, and blue three-colored discs. Replace the three-colored balls with the vacated positions so that the balls are placed in order according to the color of the disc.
Go out.
Use your stick on right tree, get the photo piece.
Go into the utility room, use the key on right box.
Get the oil can, go out.
Go into the child room.
Clich here. (F)Find all hidden items and get door handle.Click here. (G)
Put the door handle and use oil can.
Go into the room.

Click here and get the photo piece. (H)
Find all 5 pieces on here. (I)
Play the mini game on here. (J)Look at this image.Like this.
Take the photo piece.Go into the child room.
Use the notes on piano and play the mini game.

Take it. (K)
Use your statue on music box and get photo piece. (L)Look at the clock closer.
Use the oil can here. (M)
Take the photo piece.Go to right, in the book room.
Put all photo pieces on the right book shelf.
Enter the code: 6279Go hospital.
Talk with the police. (N)
Look at here, go into the car, take flashlight, baton and padlock remover. (O)

Talk with police.
Look at here. (P)Find all 5 roses.Go right.
Take items. (Q)
Take the note piece. (R)
Use your wire on here. (S)
Talk to the nurse.Take it. (T)
Take it. (U)
Use your baton and flashlight on here. Take the machine. (V)
Put your roses here, take the note piece. (W)
Use the padlock remover on here. (X)
Play the mini game and get all items.
Take items here. (Y)

Exit the room.
Use crowbar open the file cabinet, take items. (Z)
Go here, use your tape. (A)Put your note here, get the code. (B)
Look at here and close. (C)Use the bolt on here. (D)Find all items.

Got the Chlorine.Use your Chlorine, Derusting fluid on clean bucket.
Get the chemical solution, use your bottle take it.
Go right, use chemical solution on key box.
Play the mini game.
Come to this place.
Use the blanket and alcohol on here. (E)Enter the hospital. Dialogue with guards.
Open the front desk computer, use the password. (F)
Take away the matches on the computer. (G)

Go outside and use a match against a blanket covered with alcohol.
Return to the ward passage and hand over the surgical stapler to the nurse.
After retiring, enter again and talk with the nurse.
Enter the operating room.
Talk to the police.
Click here. (H)Find all items and get handsaw.Put anesthetic on the stent. (I)
Look at the vent, use a crowbar and a flashlight to get #3 Dream Machine. (J)
Put #1 and #3 dream machines on the shelf. (K)Exit to the reception hall, look at the door of the storeroom at the front desk, start the object-seeking game, and get the barometer.

Exit to the outside and look at the big tree.
Use a hand-saw to get the branches.
Use a barometer on the respirator. (L)
Find all hidden items and gets an air pump. (M)Hidden items like this.Place the air pump into the ventilator.
Exit, enter 1-8-3 at the computer and talk to the nurse.
Use branches and flashlights against damaged roof to get #2 Dream Machine.
Enter the operating room and use #2 Dream Machine on the shelf (N).Exit the operating room and enter the ward on the right.
Click on the person lying in bed, the screen automatically cut back to the operating room.
Watch monitoring equipment and start a small game.
How to play: Remove the frequency of interference.
Use four FM keys to set the waveform, drag and drop the set waveform, and click the HOLD button to synchronize the waveform.

Animated transitions. Enter the left door.
Look at the top of the ladder and pick up fertilizer and drawings. 2/1. (O)
Put the drawing 1/2 into the frame. (P)
Start the object-seeking game on the ground and get the elevator button. (R)Hidden items like this.Place the elevator button and enter the left road.
Pick up the seed 1/3 and the elevator key. (S)
Pick up the manual. (T)
Pull out the broken insulator. (U)Return to the elevator, use the elevator key and press down to the floor.
Pick up feathers on the floor. (V)
Pick up the scissors and 2/3 seeds on the table. (W)
Magnify plants and use chemical fertilizers. (X)

Behind the dark lattice split, pick up the board. Open a small game.How to play: As indicated by the center pattern, turn the three rings to associate the pattern with the center pattern.How to play: As indicated by the center pattern, turn the three rings to associate the pattern with the center pattern.Open the safe and get 1/3 of the spark plug. Keep going.
Use the scissors on the plant to get the elevator button and the red potion on the second floor. (Y)
The debris on the ground starts the object-seeking game and gets 3/3 seeds. (Z)

Hidden items like this.Exit and place the red medication in the syringe on the table.
Return to the elevator and place the elevator button on the second floor to enter the second floor.
Pick up the green medicine on the ground. (A)
Put 3/3 seeds in three pits. (B)
Pick up the spark plug 2/3. (C)Return to the elevator, go to one floor and place the green medicine in the syringe on the table.
Pick up the syringe filled with medicine. Go ahead and start the object-seeking game on the ground to get a thermos.Use a syringe filled with medicine at the fence. (D)

Take a step and fill the hot water bottle with a bottle of hot water on the left side.
Enter the elevator and reach the ground floor. Use scissors on the plant to get a bundle of super strong yarn and a forklift key.Enter the elevator and reach the first floor.
Use the key to the forklift. (E)Back to the second floor.
Use a hot water bottle at the seed and put it on the board. (G)
Combine a bundle of super-strength yarns and needles and take away the needles that are put on the needle. (H)Enter the elevator and reach the ground floor.
Look at the debris to start the object-seeking game and get a wire cutter.

Go to the elevator to the first floor, continue to move forward.
Look at the tube on the ground, use the yarn that is put into the needle to sew the tube.Exit into the elevator to reach the second floor.
Use wire cutters at the container. (I)
Pour hot water into the cup and display the number: 8-36-40.
Pick up the 3/3 spark plug.Enter the elevator back to the floor. Keep going.
Put a spark plug 3/3 at the forklift. (J)
Turn the key and pull the lever to start the truck.Enter the fence.
Use feathers on plants. (K)
Pick up the funnel and drawings from the blooming flower. 2/2. (L)
Pick up the oil and insulation from the ground. (M)

Return to the elevator and enter the ground floor.
Place drawing 2/2 on the left side. Go ahead.
Put in the insulator. (N)
First put the funnel and then pour it into the oil. (O)At this point, open the mini-game.
How to play: Place the wires in the box at the lower right corner inside the big box and make reasonable arrangements.
Enter the elevator to the second floor.
Enter 4-2-1 on the right controller.
Press the red button. Enter the password: 8-36-40.
Take the excavator door key.
Return to the first floor to enter the fence and use the excavator door key.After the cutscenes enter the second door.
Pick up matches and UV lamps in the suspension. (P)
Pick up the stars cufflinks and padlock keys. (Q)
Use the padlock key to open the front door and enter. (R)

Pick up the gas on the ground. (S)
Pick up the fire hose. (T)
Take away the pendant. (U)Keep going.
Remove the screws after seeing the instructions. (V)
Pour gasoline first and use matches. (W)
Look at the desktop to start the object-seeking game and get a syringe. (X)Pour gasoline first and use matches. (W)Hidden items like this.

Use a syringe in a boiling pot.
Exit the room to the right and use the syringe.
Enter the room.Pick up the light stick from the chair. (Y)
Pick up the hammer and tie from the table. (Z)
Pick up the fuse from the desk and install the UV lamp on the base to remove the UV lamp. (A)Exit the room and use a hammer on the right wall to take the fire axe.
Step out and see the spiral staircase.
Attach the fire hose between the dumbbell and the door and use a thin strap to fasten it.
Go upstairs.Take away the chain. (B)
Put in the fuse. (C)
The object-seeking game gets a portable torch. (D)

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