Dark Romance: Hunchback Of Notre Dame Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - The dangerous criminal Quasimodo is on the loose!
Dreamwalker: Never Fall Asleep
Hidden Object Game - In a small remote tourist town located in the Austrian Alps the mayors young daughter has fallen into a coma.
Macabre Ring
Match 3 Game - Investigate a mysterious murder at the abandoned prison!
Redemption Cemetery: The Cursed Mark
Puzzle Game - He's been lying in wait...
Meadow Story
Time Management Game - Help find a new home for the Halfling tribe!
Kingdom Chronicles 2 Collector's Edition
Time Management Game - Join the orc chase!
Labyrinths of the World: Lost Island
Puzzle Game - Cataclysms are threatening the worlds!
Jewel Match Solitaire: Winterscapes
Card Game - Snowed in with a game of Solitaire!
Travel To Italy
Puzzle Game - An uplifting hidden object adventure across Italy!
The Andersen Accounts: The Price of a Life Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Since saving the city from dangerous criminals with new magical abilities, you've become a household name.
Parker & Lane: Twisted Minds Collector's Edition
Adventure Game - Can you restore Law and Order in this crime drama?
Dreadful Tales: The Space Between
Puzzle Game - What haunts the spaces between?
PuppetShow: Porcelain Smile Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - When your friend receives a strange letter about her new rare puppet, you rush to help.
Secret Investigations: Revelation
Hidden Object Game - Julia is an author who writes a collection of crime novels and needs your assistance with an exciting investigation, full of danger, mysteries and surprise!
Argonauts Agency: Pandora's Box
Time Management Game - One clear sunny morning the peace at the Argonauts Agency was disrupted by the surprise visit of Medea's Uncle Pelias the artifact Collector.
Queen's Quest V: Symphony of Death Collector's Edition
Puzzle Game - Investigate kidnappings in the kingdom of Netherfall!
Reflections of Life: Slipping Hope
Puzzle Game - Let the sleeping ones lie...
The Enthralling Realms: The Blacksmith's Revenge
Match 3 Game - Help Ara to forge the legendary weapon and defeat Eondrir!
Secret City: The Sunken Kingdom Collector's Edition
Puzzle Game - Their Kingdom's been lost for centuries...