Dr. Cares: Family Practice Collector's Edition
Time Management Game - Amy's next time management vet clinic adventure!
Paranormal Files: The Tall Man
Puzzle Game - Don't go into the woods...
Christmas Wonderland 9
Hidden Object Game - Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Christmas Wonderland!
Spirits of Mystery: Whisper of the Past Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - Your peaceful summer retreat is interrupted by Dark Reapers kidnapping your mother and chasing your Aunt.
Demon Hunter V: Ascendance
Hidden Object Game - Hector will need all his cleverness and intuition to find the truth in this double mystery.
Christmas Stories: Alice's Adventures Collector's Edition
Puzzle Game - Return joy to the world!
Dark City: Munich
Puzzle Game - Are werewolves lurking in Munich?
Legend of Rome: The Wrath of Mars
Match 3 Game - Play a challenging match 3 game and appease the god of war!
Lost Artifacts: Time Machine Collector's Edition
Time Management Game - Fix the time paradoxes in this fast-paced strategy game!
Jewel Match: Naturescapes
Arcade Game - Match your way through nature and restore the land
Chimeras: Heavenfall Secrets
Puzzle Game - Uncover Heavenfall's Secrets today!
The Unseen Fears: Last Dance Collector's Edition
Hidden Object Game - When the people of Lyon are plagued by haunting visions of their past mistakes, you're called in to investigate!
Dark Parables: The Match Girl's Lost Paradise
Puzzle Game - Careful what you wish for...
Autumn in France Mosaic Edition
Puzzle Game - An exciting travelogue mosaic adventure through France
Spirit Legends: The Forest Wraith Collector's Edition
Puzzle Game - The dark forest looms...
Punished Talents: Dark Knowledge
Hidden Object Game - Your brother's been taken!
Next Stop 3
Time Management Game - The next time management railway sim is here!
The Legacy: The Tree of Might
Puzzle Game - Open the Gates to another worlds!