PuppetShow: Destiny Undone Walkthrough 22

puppetshow: destiny undone walkthrough 22
PuppetShow: Destiny Undone Walkthrough 22
* OS: Windows 7 / Vista / XP
* CPU: Pentium 3 1.0 GHz or Higher

Follow our crystal clear walkthrough and helpful tricks to get you through the rough spots! Click the button to download full 0walkthrough.

Zoom into the device; insert the MASK in it and touch it (M).

Zoom into the ladder; insert the LEVER in the slot and pull it (N).

Examine the balcony and use the SAW on the plank (O).

Enter the elevator.

Zoom into the bag and open it. Move the yarn ball; take the STAMP and the KEY (P).

Examine the control panel and insert the ELEVATOR BUTTON in the slot (Q) and press the button.

Place the WOODEN BRIDGE on the ground (R) and go forward.

Zoom into the table; take the SCREWDRIVER (S).

Open the box and take the FISH 1/3 (T).

Open the book; take the note (U) and the GEAR 1/2 below it.

Look in the crate; take the CUBE (V).

zoomed screenshot