Phenomenon: Meteorite Walkthrough 12

phenomenon: meteorite walkthrough 12
Phenomenon: Meteorite Walkthrough 12
* OS: Windows 7 / Vista / XP
* CPU: Pentium 3 1.0 GHz or Higher

Phenomenon: Meteorite Walkthrough 12 Screenshots, Videos:

phenomenon: meteorite walkthrough 12

phenomenon: meteorite walkthrough 12

phenomenon: meteorite walkthrough 12

Follow our crystal clear walkthrough and helpful tricks to get you through the rough spots! Click the button to download full walkthrough.

Take the CRYPTEX (A).

Look at the deity altar and place the CRYPTEX in the opening for a mini-game (B).

Follow the instructions in the lower panel (C) to work your way through the device.

Move the fan twice to reveal the deity’s true face (D).

Offer the deity the golden fruit by pulling on the apple (E) until it falls.

Flip the first lever (F), then the second lever (G), so the apple lands in the open hand (H).

To turn the cynic’s face from fear to wonder, select the left mask 3 times (I).

Select the deity’s face to summon the deity’s radiant smile (J).

Select the fan twice to cover the beetle (K).

Select the each of the 3 mirrors twice to cover the deity in gold (green).

Select the deity’s face to turn it towards the sun (L).

Push the left lever up (M).

Press the left square until the owl is showing (N), then press the right square until the mouse is visible (O).

Turn the 6 cylinders until each show 2 stars (pink).

Press the right mask 3 times (P).

Push up the right lever (Q).

Take the CONTROLLER FOR THE AMULET OF THE ELEMENTS from behind the deity.

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