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Fantastic Creations: House of Brass Collector's Edition Review
Apr 25, 2012, 2:40am

Pros: nice graphics

Cons: no eye-catching signs hint
This game has a generic sci-fi theme and a simple storyline. At the beginning, you (the player) came to the grandmother's old house, then a  robot tell you that you should not come to here. After saying this, the robot disappeared and the game begins.
Secrets of the Seas: Flying Dutchman Collector's Edition Review
Apr 24, 2012, 3:59am

Pros: many unique mini-games and puzzles, beautifully graphics, excellent voice acting

Cons: feel strange for some items used to unlock the mechanics, on screen text is all capitalized
Secrets of the Seas: Flying Dutchman begins from you meet the captain Flying Dutchman when you survived from a wrech and come to a old island. The flying dutchman moors once in seven years to gather fresh souls in his crew, he wanders around the taverns, offfering sailors a chance to play dice with him. The captain promises mountains of gold to the winner, but those who lose are doomed to eternal service in his crew.
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