Fairy Tale Mysteries: The Beanstalk Walkthrough 2 is now downloading.

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Follow our crystal clear walkthrough and helpful tricks to get you through the rough spots! <span style="color:#008800; font-weight:bold;">Click the button to download full walkthrough.</span> <br /> <br />Speak with the Brothers Grimm to get more information (A). <br /><br />Examine the Bridge to start the Bricks Task (B). <br /><br />Find the BRIDGE BRICKS hidden around the scene to complete the Task (1, 2, 3). <br /><br />Use the BRIDGE BRICKS on the Bridge to repair it (B). <br /><br />Examine the Magic Barrier to start the Anti-Magic Spell Task (C). <br /><br />Items that cannot be collected yet are displayed with a Lock over them. <br /><br />Collect the MENDING STONE from the ground (4). <br /><br />Examine the Water to start the Magic Bowl Task (D). <br /><br />Collect the BOWL, INK, and BRUSH to create the MAGIC BOWL (5, 6, 7). <br /><br />The MAGIC BOWL is added to the Inventory (E). <br /><br />Use the MAGIC BOWL on the Water to collect HOLY WATER (D). <br /><br />Examine the Flowers behind the Brothers Grimm to start the Ritual Knife Task (F). <br /><br />Collect the HILT, BLADE, and POMMEL (8, 9, 10). <br /><br />The RITUAL KNIFE is added to the Inventory (E). <br /><br />Use the RITUAL KNIFE to collect ENCHANTED FLOWERS (F). <br /><br />The ANTI-MAGIC SPELL is added to the Inventory (E). <br /><br />Use the ANTI-MAGIC SPELL on the Magic Barrier (C). <br /><br />The Dispel Magic Task is activated once the Barrier disappears. <br /><br />Examine the Chest under the Cart to start the Combination Task (G). <br /><br />Collect 3 CODE PIECES hidden around the scene (11, 12, 13). <br /><br />Cross the Bridge and enter the Town Center (C). <br /><br />Collect the last CODE PIECE and the LOCKBOX COMBINATION is added to your Inventory (1). <br /><br />Speak with Jack to start the Fake Key Task (A). <br /><br />Collect the WIRE near the stairs (2). <br /><br />Examine the Signpost (B) to collect a FORK and an X (3, 4). <br /><br />Examine the Window (C) to collect a MATCH (5) and start the 80 Cents Task (D). <br /><br />Examine the Clock (E) to get a 50 CENT PIECE (6)and start the Slingshot Task (F). <br /><br />Collect the ROPE, RUBBER, Y, and STONE hidden around the scene (7, 8, 9, 10). <br /><br />The SLINGSHOT is added to your Inventory. <br /><br />Use the SLINGSHOT on the Clock (F) to start a HOP (G). <br /><br />Items listed in green need to be assembled by combining other items hidden in the scene. <br /><br />The CLOCK HAND is awarded and the FAKE KEY is added to your Inventory once all items are located.


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