Fairy Tale Mysteries: The Beanstalk Walkthrough 4 is now downloading.

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Follow our crystal clear walkthrough and helpful tricks to get you through the rough spots! <span style="color:#008800; font-weight:bold;">Click the button to download full walkthrough.</span> <br /> <br />Collect the QUARTER and 80 CENTS will be added to your Inventory (1). <br /><br />Examine the Barrels (A) to start the Garden Supplies Task (B). <br /><br />Collect the two SHEAR BLADES and two SHEAR HANDLES from the scene (2, 3, 4, 5). <br /><br />GARDEN SHEARS are added to your Inventory. <br /><br />Examine the Barrels (A) and use the GARDEN SHEARS to remove the Vines (B). <br /><br />Examine the X on the ground to start the Garden Shovel Task (C). <br /><br />Collect the SHOVEL HEAD (6). <br /><br />Find the SHOVEL HANDLE behind the Barrels (7). <br /><br />GARDEN SHOVEL is added to your Inventory. <br /><br />Use the GARDEN SHOVEL on the X on the ground to start the Barrel mini-game (D). <br /><br />Use the button in the center to rotate the disc while the Ball is rolling to get it to the other side. <br /><br />Solution is: rotate twice, launch ball, rotate twice, launch ball. <br /><br />Collect MIRACLE POWDER. <br /><br />Examine the Water Pump to start the Spout Repairs Task (E). <br /><br />Collect the PUMP HANDLE and ADJUSTABLE WRENCH from the scene (8, 9). <br /><br />Examine the Table (F) to collect the BOLT and TEABAG (10, 11). <br /><br />SPOUT REPAIRS are added to your Inventory. <br /><br />Use the SPOUT REPAIRS on the Water Pump to collect FRESH WATER (E). <br /><br />FERTILIZER is added to your Inventory. <br /><br />Return to Jack’s House.


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